builders instructions

P I. Pouring/finishing/framing:

1. Vapor barriers are a must or efflorescence will occur beneath the sealer.
2. High psi (at least 2500) creates a smooth surface.
3. No retarders, ash or chloride accelerators.
4. Machine troweling to a slick, smooth finish provides excellent result, especially for Acid stains.
5. Hand finish to a smooth consistency with hand trowels where ever the machine cannot reach.
6. Use only blue Plumb line chalks as red or yellow are permanent dyes. Avoid silicone chalks as well.
7. Framers need to mark within confines of stud space and not on any exposed surface.
8 Framers should brace walls to outside, not to slab. Door plates should be cut out.

II. General and all subcontractors:

1. Both before and after staining, sealing and waxing, floors must be protected from silicone, polyurethane, paint, markers, grease, plumbers' glue, foam insulation, bond release agents, grease sticks, crayons, oil.
2. If the floor is to be acid stained NO MURATIC ACID MAY BE USED ON THE CONCRETE! Muratic acid makes the concrete impervious to acid stain.
3. NO TAPE of any kind (not even painters tape). The adhesive chemicals in the tape react with the concrete and manipulate the acid reaction so that the tape marks show after staining.
4. NO WOOD, sheet goods, sections of framing and the like should lay on the slab for any length of time as the resins, glue and other chemicals can transfer to the concrete and those areas will show after staining.

Arti-crete requirements:

1. Running water, roll offs or other trash receptacles.
2. At least two 110 volt outlets on separate breakers (20 amp) no more than 150 ft from the outer perimeter of slab. These must be available solely to Arti-crete's crew.
3. We do not include in the per foot pricing any excessive cleaning, post construction cleaning, protective covering or any other service which is not itemized in the proposal. This includes furniture, tools, equipment, fixtures, building materials.
4. We do not do samples. Acid stains are reactive acid chemicals (RAC) which react with the lime in concrete. As such they react with the concrete according to the batch mix, age, humidity, accelerators and this reaction varies throughout the slab. This is known as the marble-ized look, and EXACT COLORS AND STAIN PATTERNS CANNOT BE ACHIEVED WITH ACID STAINS. Only pigment stains can provide this uniformity.
5. Our prices are based on actual square footage and we do not credit for cabinets, built-ins, etc.
6. Engraving is best done 2 to 4 days after the slab is poured and before the framers set the walls. Staining, sealing and waxing can be accomplished after the project is dried in, i.e., roof, windows, walls but no insulation and sheetrock. At this point the floors should be protected (see II.5 above). After framing, certain engraved designs may require a border.
7. Any post construction wax needed will be accommodated within the terms of the proposal. However, the floors must be thoroughly cleaned by the cleaning crew (sweep, vacuum, mop) prior to scheduling Arti-crete
8. An alternate schedule is to wait until the final stage of construction to stain. It is imperative, however, that the floors be completely protected as outlined until that point.
9. We attempt to accommodate many schedules. However, there can be no trades sceduled on the slab at the same time as Arti-crete. We are committed to the floors having a beautiful result and know that your goal is the same. Please help us by keeping us apprised of your schedule and communicating our needs to the other subcontractors.


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